Analysis of Data on Out-of-School Children and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Madagascar

Country study on out-of-school children


This study documents and analyzes the school exclusion of children of pre-primary to secondary school age in Madagascar, and of school children who are at risk of dropping out of school regardless of their age. This study is based on the use of the following available data sources:

  • The third general population and housing census of 2018 (RGPH-3)
  • The 2018 Multiple Indicator Cluster Household Survey (MICS) and
  • Administrative data collected on an annual basis by the EMIS units of the various ministerial departments in charge of education

The study is conducted following the guidelines of the conceptual framework and methodology of the Global Initiative for Out-of-School Children. It made it possible to estimate the proportions and numbers of out-of-school children and young adolescents, and children at risk of dropping out of school in Madagascar.

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