Monitoring Out-of-School Children and Children at Risk of Dropping Out in Romania

Out-of-School Children Monitoring Framework


This report outlines a framework for developing a system to monitor children and adolescents who are out-of-school (OOSC) or at risk of exclusion from education in Romania. Without an effective national monitoring system, it is difficult if not impossible to obtain accurate figures on out-of-school children and children at risk of exclusion. Moreover, without such a system related policies and strategies will not be evidence-based, or based on unreliable evidence, and possibilities for analyzing the causes of exclusion will be severely limited. To address these issues, a monitoring system needs to be based on a robust framework with clearly defined indicators, procedures and roles and responsibilities, and a clear understanding of information flows in the system and the potential information gaps and bottlenecks.

Specifically, this report outlines a framework which can be used to: (i) Reliably identify OOSC and those at risk of exclusion, (ii) Analyze the causes of exclusion, and (iii) Develop and implement appropriate evidence-based policies and strategies to prevent exclusion.

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UNICEF and UNESCO Institute for Statistics
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