Syria Crisis Education Fact Sheet: Five years of crisis and conflict

Details, statistics and data on out-of-school children in Syrian Arab Republic in 2015


This fact sheet gives detailed statistics and data on the situation of out-of-school children in Syrian Arab Republic in 2015. It provides statistical information and graphs, highlighting the following areas;

  • Number and percentages of Syrian children in school and out of school (pre and post-crisis)
  • Impact of the Syria and Iraq crises on out-of-school children in MENA
  • Geographical distribution of out-of-school children
  • Inside Syria: Change in enrolment in public education by governorate and level
  • Outside Syria: Number of refugee children, in formal and non-formal education,
  • and out of school
  • Out-of-school Syrian refugee children by host country
  • Distribution of out-of-school Syrian refugee children in-camp/non-camp, and age group
  • In Iraq: Distribution of out-of-school internally displaced children
  • Challenges and responses
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