Ghana Country Study 2012

Country study on out-of-school children


This country study provides a comprehensive, analytical overview of the issues of out-of-school children in Ghana as part of the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children. It presents detailed profiles of the most marginalized children in Ghana who are denied their right to education. It will serve as an excellent resource for policy reforms and designing of targeted interventions to tackle different barriers and circumstances that hinder children from enjoying basic education. In order to reach the last segment of children who are out of school, one-size-fits-all approaches would not work. Rather, more diversified and tailored strategies are required to attend to the specific needs of disadvantaged children, families and communities. Based on existing evidence and good practices, the study provides a number of innovative and practical ideas and recommendations that the Government and other stakeholder could draw on.  We strongly hope that the results of this study will serve as the catalyst of policy debate and programme innovation at all levels.

Cover image of the OOSCI Ghana country study 2012
UNICEF, UNESCO Institute for Statistics
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